Low cost, high value

Our service is a lifeline for the people we support. It is, and always has been free for those in need.

Our fundraising philosophy is simple – in order to support our clients, we need people to support us. Good listeners are naturally a kind and sensitive bunch, but we are fiercely proud of the work we do and steadfast in our efforts to secure the future of the service.

We are efficient; paying no staff salaries and keeping our operating costs to a minimum – a typical session with a client costs us just £12. This is excellent value for money for the individuals and organisations that support our work. Currently we receive no funds from statutory sources, even though half our referrals are from GPs and schools.

Our goal for 2017/2018 is to raise £20,000 more than we have raised on average over the last four years. It sounds ambitious! But it is genuinely achievable.

  • Grants from charitable trusts – target £30,000. The charitable trusts listed below have previously very kindly given us grants and we will continue to explore the possibility of getting grants from other trusts and organisations throughout the coming year in order to help us to reach our goal of raising £20,000 more this year:
    • £1,000 received from the Sir George Martin Trust
    • £3,000 received from the George A Moore Foundation
    • £6,000 (over three years) confirmed from the Brelms Trust
    • over £4,000 received from various local trusts
    • £1,750 received from the Purey Cust Trust
    • £3,000 received from the Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation
    • £4,000 received from Cruse Head Office
    • £3,000 received from the Ed De Nunsio Charitable Trust
    • £1,500 from the York Children’s Trust
  • Friends of Cruse – target £3000. We aim to recruit 50 new Friends, giving £5 a month each.
  • Fundraising events – target £2000. Researching every opportunity, gratefully welcoming any offer of help, those that hold tins for us will be as valuable as event managers!
  • Client donations – target £1000. Not all clients can afford to make a donation in appreciation for the help they have received. But for those that can, an average of £3 more per person will get us there.

Cruse has been serving people in York and the surrounding area for 38 years. We are confident that with determination, our strategy will ensure we have the resources we need to strengthen and develop the service as it enters its fourth decade.